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Our new Academy Services Framework opens for bidding

Posted: 28/11/2023

Pelican Procurement Services provide insights into current economic trends

Posted: 07/11/2023

We’re getting ready for the Procurement Reform

Posted: 27/10/2023

The University of Stirling awards a three-year contract to Pelican Procurement Services

Posted: 02/10/2023

RAAC School Closures: Direct Award can Provide Solution

Posted: 11/09/2023

UKREiiF 2023 Roundup: Doing Better for the Whole Built Environment Sector

Posted: 30/05/2023

We are hosting 'The Future of social value Pavilion' at UKREiiF 2023

Posted: 11/05/2023

Suppliers named for Pagabo's £1bn Refit and Refurbishment Framework

Posted: 03/05/2023

55 construction industry leaders reveal what challenges mean for the future

Posted: 13/04/2023

Meeting digital and technology standards in schools and MATs with our ICT Solutions Framework

Posted: 02/03/2023

Three ways NHS Trusts can streamline catering operations and ensure compliance 

Posted: 01/03/2023

Choosing cost-effective broadband to support cloud services adoption in schools

Posted: 01/03/2023

EF-group provide food broker solution for Britain’s largest care home operator, HC-One

Posted: 23/02/2023

Tomorrow's Procurement: Pushing the best practice agenda

Posted: 14/02/2023

Food Broker Procurement: Pelican share insight into how catering organisations can be more efficient and cost effective

Posted: 10/02/2023

Why framework comparison is a risky business

Posted: 12/01/2023

Data sharing will transform construction, say senior leaders

Posted: 02/11/2022

Agencies put on notice for new Staffing Solutions Framework

Posted: 07/09/2022

A meeting of young minds: Future Innovation Group seeks to shape the future of construction

Posted: 05/08/2022

Invitation to tender for new £1bn medium works framework

Posted: 05/08/2022