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Meet the newest member of our team, Peter Bignell

18 May 2023

We recently took the time to find out more about the newest member of the Pagabo team, Peter Bignell. From his interest in keeping active to how he manages and develops client opportunities in the South East, we learnt all about him and what he wishes to achieve in his time with us.


Hi Peter, please could you tell us about your job as the Regional Relationship Manager for the South East of England? 

I am the Regional Relationship Manager for the South East of England, my responsibility is to manage and develop client opportunities within the region. My patch is north of the Thames and around the borders with our other regional teams. I will be growing the profile of Pagabo as well as The 55 Group. The South East provides great opportunity with a diverse client base. An exciting region.


Good stuff! So, what were your initial thoughts of The 55 Group?

I am impressed with the sophistication and use of technology across the group to deliver the products as well as the professionalism and expertise. A pleasure to be immersed by the culture and innovation. Everyone I have met wants to see the group grow and the products to be successful. You can feel the passion from everyone. Noted that the group recognises talent and uses the best ideas to provide professionalism and expertise in the delivery of the right solution for clients.


What did you do before joining the company? Any skills that you think will benefit you in your new role?

I worked for an alternative Framework provider which was Local Authority owned.

It’s a people thing, developing client relationships to work with them in establishing long term sustainable relationships. Supporting clients on their framework journey to achieve successful project delivery. Finding and cultivating opportunities. It’s good to talk.


How about when you’re not at work, what do you get up to? 

Family life is a priority, then Golf (still trying to play), Cycling, Swimming and Pilates. Not to forget being a servant to the cats. Like everyone trying to make time to enjoy life and appreciate the world around us. Holidays to Ibiza or Italy for the culture, people, food and the wine! And the not very secret pleasure of Apple Music and watching something good on a streaming channel.


What part of your role are you most looking forward to? 

Meeting clients and our business partners to grow the region and offer a first-class customer experience. Bringing a smile to the faces of clients and creating the right environment to make a difference to the public sector-built environment. Knowing that every £ spent have has a positive effect.


To finish off, what’s the next step in your job that you wish to achieve?

That Pagabo/The 55 Group becomes the framework and product of choice for all our clients and future clients in region. Embed Pagabo in the corporate philosophy to be the first choice, default position for all users, which ever framework or group product… Eventually the whole galaxy will be ours!


Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Peter. Good luck with the future of your journey.

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