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Utilities Supply Framework


An alternative to appointing a Broker to manage your utility procurement

Using our framework provides clients with expert market intelligence and allows for strategic utility procurement based on our daily tracking of the wholesale utility futures market. We will advise clients on the best time to place their utility supply contracts to ensure maximum savings are delivered.

Our framework is divided in to three lots providing a compliant procurement route for your Electricity, Gas and Water supply contracts.

*Both clients and suppliers in the Pagabo ecosystem were asked if they would recommend using a Pagabo framework during a recent annonymous survey. 93% responded "Yes"


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Until October 2024





Contracting Authority

Red Kite Learning Trust

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This framework is free to access. We will support you through the process, acting as the link between you, the contracting authority, and the contractor(s).

The framework can be used to undertake a further competition for your project or to appoint a contractor directly. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will provide as much support as you need to make your project a success, from the very early stages right through to completion – just tell us what it is you require.

There is no cost to access the agreement but please review, sign and return (the CAA) at your soonest convenience. This will allow us to supply you with the necessary documents such as Terms and Conditions, rate cards and any supporting templates.


This form is not for suppliers

If you are looking to become a supplier on our framework please contact us here. Please continue to the form below if you're a client looking to access the framework.


To start this process please complete the form below and download the Client Access Agreement (CAA) form.

Utilities Supply Framework

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