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Finding a procurement framework can be challenging,
complex and time-consuming. At Pagabo, our platform makes finding a procurement framework quicker, simpler, and more effective.

Our national framework agreements connect you to the
right suppliers for a full range of works, services, and goods; in a better, faster and more sustainable way. They’re free to access, easy to use and fully compliant – with procurement frameworks suitable for every purchasing project.

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What is a procurement framework?

A procurement framework, or tender framework as they’re also known,
is an agreement between a provider or range of providers that enables buyers to place orders for goods, services, and works, without facing the lengthy tendering process.

When you work with an ethical procurement partner like Pagabo, suppliers go through a rigorous tendering and application process for a place on
our framework agreements – and the applicants that score highest on,
track record, social value, and quality gain a place on the framework.

Clients 534

Completed Projects £5.248bn

In Procurement £3.546bn

Social Value £6.159bn

Why choose Pagabo?

As the procurement specialists, we pride ourselves on providing framework agreements that exceed our clients’ expectations – resulting
in projects that leave a long-lasting social impact on communities.

We’ll give you free access to framework agreements, a flexible choice of trusted suppliers, transparent costings, and expert procurement support from start to finish. Plus we’ll help you get quick, easy access to goods, services, and works – with fully PCR compliant national frameworks
for public sector projects of all sizes too.

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Social Value

In line with the Social Value Act (2012), we measure the Social Value created by our projects. Through our partnership with Loop, The Social Value People, we’re able to accurately measure the value of the projects within our framework agreements.

By working with Loop (partners of Social Value UK and Social Value International), you’re able to calculate the monetary value of a project’s social, economic, and environmental impact.

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Digitising procurement & framework agreements

My Pagabo streamlines the whole procurement process, simplifying
the traditional approach using the power of technology.

Through our platform, you can compliantly access our procurement frameworks, create your projects and appoint your suppliers in just
a few clicks. It’s your one stop shop for all things procurement.

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