Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions

  • What is My Pagabo?

    My Pagabo is a portal in which you can manage your project from start to finish. It is a gamechanger for the procurement industry, allowing a streamlined and simple approach to manage your project, having access to the very latest information at your fingertips. Click here to find out more about My Pagabo.

  • What is a client access agreement (CAA)?

    A client access agreement (CAA) is a simple form that allows clients the ability to access a particular framework. Signing a CAA is the first step in using your chosen framework and procuring your project with Pagabo.

  • Who are Pagabo’s suppliers?

    Across all frameworks, Pagabo’s suppliers have all passed rigorous testing have been hand-picked so you know they can all deliver your project to the highest standards.

  • Who can use the framework agreements?

    Pagabo Frameworks can be used by the vast majority of organisations across the UK, be they public or private sector. Visit our frameworks page to explore the different options available to you.

  • When can I apply to offer my services through a Pagabo Framework?

    All our frameworks have a set period when they fixed and cannot be applied for by suppliers. The expiration dates for all our existing frameworks can be seen below.

    If a framework is to be renewed at the end of its period, we will generally begin this process 12 months ahead of the date it goes live.

    For more information, you can visit our upcoming frameworks page.

  • I’ve not used a Framework before. What’s the process for a client getting started?

    If you work in the Public or Private Sector, then using a Pagabo Framework is one of the easiest ways to get your project off the ground. Apart from ensuring you get the most suitable contractor or supplier for the job, the Pagabo team will also work with you every stage of the way to help keep things simple and to make sure you get best value in the market.

    Simply give us a call to get started 01482 975883.

  • How can the frameworks be accessed?

    Accessing our frameworks is quick and easy.

    Just sign the Client Access Agreement (available on each dedicated framework web page) and send it back to us. We’ll get this rubber stamped by the Contracting Authority and once this comes through, you’ll have free, instant access to the framework!

    Bear in mind that signing a CAA is completely free of charge and doesn’t commit you to using our framework at all.

  • What’s the cost to use the framework agreement?

    There is no upfront cost to access our framework agreements. We charge a percentage that’s built into the price you pay to the appointed supplier. It is paid in agreed stages throughout the project. This percentage fee varies, depending on the nature of the framework – but it will be set out clearly before you appoint a supplier.

  • How do I appoint a supplier through the framework agreement?

    Using a Pagabo framework agreement is simple. First, access the agreement (see FAQ question 3). You can then engage with suppliers on the frameworks and appoint them in a number of ways (depending on the framework agreement):

    1. Further competition – where a template is provided for you to follow
    2. Direct award to a contractor on the framework (only applies to single supplier frameworks)
    3. Direct award to a service provider/contractor following an internal business case

    Further details on the options available to each framework can be found in the User Guides. Alternatively, please contact our team for additional information or support.

  • How many frameworks are on offer?

    Currently, we offer 11 national frameworks and a DPS for small works. Each one has been carefully put together with the shared needs of the public sector in mind. We’re always developing new frameworks and will continue to work on compliant routes to market for suppliers and both the public and private sector.

    Browse through our frameworks.

  • Which suppliers are on the frameworks?

    In total, we work with around 230 suppliers, including many large organisations and SMEs from a range of industry sectors. In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to work with the biggest suppliers but also offering excellent opportunities to SMEs throughout all our frameworks.

    All the suppliers have met the rigorous demands of our own evaluation process – and have been chosen in compliance with the latest EU Procurement Directives.

    Further information on the suppliers can be found on the frameworks page and in the relevant user guides.

  • What is the financial ceiling to the frameworks?

    All Pagabo frameworks come with a genuine range of pre-estimated values. These vary between frameworks and are based on the likely level of expenditure that will go through each framework over its term. At all times, our team carefully monitors expenditure going through the framework agreements to ensure they are not exceeded. The upper limits of each framework can be found in the framework user guides.

  • How are the frameworks compliant to UK and Scottish law?

    Pagabo sought expert independent legal advice from specialist solicitors at Gordons LLP (UK) and Anderson Strathern (Scotland) to ensure that all our frameworks comply with the relevant procurement laws. They confirmed that the structure and relationship between Contracting Authorities, Client Organisations and our Service Providers/Contractors is legally sound and fully compliant.

    Additional information about our legal partners can be found at and

  • How can I become a supplier on a Pagabo Framework?

    The majority of our frameworks run for a fixed term and are closed to new suppliers during that time. Please head over to our framework pages and take a look at the ‘term’ date in the light blue box.

    We will generally issue a PIN when a new iteration of a framework is up for tender. To ensure you are able to access tender documents for all framework opportunities please register your company details on our intend portal.

    Alternatively our DPS is an active tender, available for suppliers who are able to supply works up to the value of £1m, and suppliers can join and leave at any stage through the life of the DPS.