Pioneering Ethical Procurement

At Pagabo, ethical procurement is at the heart of what we do. Our six-point plan sets out our commitment to a compliant procurement process that is fair, open, transparent and works for all.

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But why are we doing this?



We work to the highest standard, adopting new guidance and legislation whilst embracing the latest in technology. We set the benchmarks for compliance and ethics in the sector.


Guiding principles

The principles we apply to everything we do at Pagabo are that we are compliant, fair, open and transparent. We want to be transparent with you about how we work and why we do things this way.



We feel that taking the lead on ethical procurement is crucial in helping create a path with other framework providers that maintains the positive reputation of the sector and protects it for the future.

Our Six-Point Ethical Procurement Plan

Driving best practice and legal compliance

  • All our management services with contracting authority hosts are fully compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations (PCR)
  • The frameworks we manage on behalf of our hosts are compliant with PCR
  • We champion the principles of the Construction Playbook and “Constructing the Gold Standard”
  • We are ISO accredited (9001, 27001) and all of our software platforms are G-Cloud approved
  • Every framework is supported by an MCIPS, NEC PMA and RIBA qualified team

Fair, open and transparent business practices

  • We operate a ‘no hidden costs’ guarantee.
  • Our pricing is open and transparent and agreed at the outset of the framework and when procurements are “called off”.
  • We don’t charge early engagement fees – fees only apply when project delivery starts.
  • We believe in sustainable procurement and are proud members of the Good Business Charter.
  • We’re working toward being a Certified BCorp corporation.
  • We never mandate the use of paid-for 3rd party tools or services.
  • Our KPIs are structured for the benefit of clients and suppliers – not for the benefit of us.

Delivering value for money

  • The fees for using the frameworks we manage are proportionate, fair and are consistently market tested and benchmarked against competitors.
  • Every framework we manage undergoes a thorough market engagement and independent evaluation prior to the ITT.
  • Every framework we manage is thoroughly evaluated independently to ensure value is delivered for all users.
  • Every framework’s pricing and total cost lead the market in accessibility and affordability.
  • We leverage private-sector expertise to drive public sector value.

Being people-first in our approach

  • We’re a leader in inclusivity and diversity in the sector.
  • We care about mental health in the construction sector and have established the Pagabo Foundation and Feelgood Games to raise awareness and funds.
  • We promote careers not jobs within a progressive, people-first working culture.
  • We take the work-life balance of our people seriously.

Helping build strong communities

  • The frameworks we manage actively support and promote SMEs
  • We’ve invested over £2m in communities already through our direct social value contribution and will continue to do so.
  • We help clients and suppliers embed social value in their projects by offering them free use of Loop – a market-leading social value measurement platform.

Leading on technology and innovation

  • We’re pioneering a ‘digital-first’ approach to frameworks with our G-Cloud accredited MyPagabo platform.
  • We actively invest in sector R&D through our “The Future of Construction” initiative.
  • We’re leading on the ‘black box’ for construction initiative to promote data-driven decision making
  • We’ve invested in an ecosystem of added value G-Cloud accredited software solution – free to use for all clients and suppliers.