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Supporting local

We’re proud to support these projects and add value through supporting social value at the feasibility, business case development, planning, procurement, delivery and maintenance stages of all developments.

But the effects of these impacts are felt right where the local project is taking place through quantifiable apprentices, new jobs, safeguarded jobs, work placement, increased workforce productivity and benefits to local economies. That’s why we do what we do.


Total - 1,742

Total Value


New Jobs

Total - 6,619

Total Value


Safeguarded Jobs

Total - 26,477

Total Value


Work Placements

Total - 2,091

Total Value


Local Impact

We pride ourselves on our ability to add and demonstrate real social value to the projects we are involved in procuring. It’s right at the heart of what we do and we understand that this has to be felt in the local area in which any project is taking place.