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Meet Peter Queen, our Business Development Manager for Scotland

Date: 28/06/2021

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The new starters Q&A ventures north of the border. Please welcome our new Business Development Manager for Scotland, Peter Queen, who’s passionate about mental health, meeting problems head-on and open water swimming.



  1. Why Pagabo, why now?

With over 15 years in pre-construction, work winning and project facilitation I have seen first-hand the benefits of effective and efficient procurement on all project stakeholders.  Pagabo’s offering provides solutions to many of the barriers that both public and private projects encounter.


  1. How did the partnership come about?

My network of contacts in the industry put me forward to the team at Pagabo and, following some open and honest dialogue, it was felt that I could help promote the business in Scotland.


  1. The job - Business Development Manager for Scotland - sounds like a big task with a huge area to cover?

Geographically I guess it is a big area, but our industry is a close-knit community that I’ve always found to be open and supportive.  Particularly since the pandemic, the ability and willingness to “meet” virtually has become more commonplace.


  1. Any challenges unique to Scotland?

Scotland has many idiosyncrasies, probably too numerous to mention here.  That said, we have always been very good at solving problems in Scotland and I am sure we will face those challenges head-on.


  1. Your LinkedIn profile says your career has been unconventional. In what way?

I’m not sure even the best career advisor would have forecast this in my future. From a starting point in Human Resources into Recruitment, from Business Development to Pre-Construction/Work Winning, and Contractor to Client, I’ve been fortunate enough find a place in this industry where I feel I can add genuine value.


  1. And how does that give you the competitive edge?

Coming at any opportunity with a holistic perspective has allowed me to evaluate it from various perspectives, and in doing so establish common ground for all stakeholders.  I am not afraid to ask the daft questions, or challenge where needed, in order to get to a solution.


  1. Do you have any important crusades?

I am passionate about the mental health and wellbeing of people, particularly in our industry.  The stresses and culture that feature so prominently are not always conducive to good health and mental health.  Addressing these issues can only lead us to creating a society in which individuals and groups can realise their full potential.


  1. Away from business, Scotland has so much to offer for sightseers. Do you see much of it yourself?

As an open water swimmer, much of what I see is Scotland’s lochs and coastline.  I am fortunate enough to be equidistant from the coast to the mountains and so can take my pick.  Frequent family caravanning trips also let us explore the further corners of the country in the pursuit of geocaches.


  1. Describe a typical weekend up there on the Ayrshire coast.

There is no such thing as a “typical weekend”.  They are always busy and full of fun, but never two the same.  Often guided by weather forecast, but in reality not the weather, we spend time with family and friends doing the things we enjoy.  Or DIY.


  1. In the year of the staycation, any tips for visitors to your area of Scotland?

Midge spray.  You can’t go wrong visiting Scotland, there is something for everyone.  But midge spray is a must or it will ruin even the best of days and company.


Thanks for your time Peter, and good luck in the job.


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