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New look office space for alliance partners Pagabo and Sypro 

Date: 18/10/2019

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We are delighted to unveil our new look office space. Built to reflect the vibrant working culture of both us, and alliance partner, Sypro, this newly developed workspace promises to be a hub of activity for both companies for years to come.   

Over the last twelve months, we have doubled the size of our team, revenues and what we give back to the public sector and good causes and have launched two significant new frameworks to the construction industry. Sypro, meanwhile, has seen more than 200% growth in revenues and profitability since 2017 and a quadrupling of its team in that period.

The rapid growth of Pagabo and risk management software provider Sypro prompted a redesign to our shared Bowlalley Lane premises and increased investment in staff training and development, including industry chartered qualifications.

Gerard Toplass, executive chairman of Pagabo and Sypro, said: “As both businesses grew and their cultures evolved, it became clear that our existing set-up wasn’t adequate. From both companies sharing the same floor and one kitchen, we now have workspaces that mirror the young, vibrant working culture we have created." 

“We have a team-first approach across the two companies, and we want to ensure that people that work here feel like they can develop in this environment both personally and professionally.”

Alongside the building’s mix of formal and informal collaborative working spaces, whiteboard walls and hot-desking areas, there is also space for more than 20 employees to play pool and arcade games and relax in the basement lounge, WHollar.

Simon Toplass, chief executive officer of Pagabo, said: “Both companies work cohesively to create an environment that is truly collaborative. We feel that the culture here is such that our employees feel respected and are able to deliver their best work, but also are able to grow as people.

“We invest in our team to give them the best possible training, but also offer flexible working and time allowances to undertake charity work. Most importantly of all, we want people to enjoy coming into work every day, and we think the combination of the new setup and that investment in our people will make that even more the case.”

Both companies previously shared the first floor of the building, with the ground floor area used as a kitchen and lunch area. However, the expansion of both firms now sees Sypro spread across the entire upper floor, with Pagabo operating out of our own dedicated workspace on the ground floor. 

We are extremly proud of our new office space and hope the facilities we have in place will support individuals in our team to grow both personally and professionally.  

Why not come and see it for yourself?