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Building social value in the private sector

Date: 31/10/2019

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Social value in the private sector

Companies in the private sector are becoming increasingly aware of the areas they are working in and the impacts they are having on their communities.

Adding value to an area through a construction project is now a key element of business plans around the country, and needs to be in a more developed and measurable way than spending through corporate social responsibility.

The importance of social value

In the public sector, for a few years now, social value has been a key measure with a real impact on projects, with over £1bn of social value delivered and measured on projects which have been enabled through Pagabo frameworks.

The private sector is now looking towards measuring the true impacts of their work in an area both in the short and long term, displaying the monetary value effect that they can have. This means tracking the increase in productivity, how many jobs will be safeguarded through the works and the impact on the local economy this will have. Measuring the amount of new jobs which have been created and the apprentice positions which are produced on the back of the works as well.

Measuring these impacts in an area can really help to justify the works being done in a way that can be easily understood by all in a community, from families and those looking for work, to planning staff and local construction companies.

Let us make your life easier

We at Pagabo can assist you in creating reports for your project, helping you find exact monetary values for the social impact you will have by delivering on the project and its investment. Supporting businesses and public sector bodies through this journey is something we pride ourselves on.


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