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Check out our new Professional Services supplier guide

Date: 11/03/2021

Categories: Pagabo News

With the runaway success of our Professional Services framework we are delighted to keep up the momentum by introducing our ‘Getting to know our suppliers’ guide.

This guide has been designed with both our suppliers and our clients in mind to help clients to identify the most relevant suppliers for their projects at an earlier stage in their Pagabo journey.



It outlines every lot available on this framework and within each lot we have a dedicated page for each supplier who has taken part in the guide.

Every supplier has collated key specific information referring to what services they provide on each lot they have on the framework along with which regions in which they operate per lot.

This guide aims to help our clients understand what suppliers are available in each lot and region for their specific requirements before making a decision on who they would like to appoint via our framework.

We’ve also designed it to be fully interactive so you can click hyperlinks to easily navigate around the document to reach your relevant lot.

Access the guide below:


Professional Services - getting to know our suppliers