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Major new Refit & Refurb Framework announced

Date: 04/03/2019

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Spring is around the corner and so is our next big framework. From Friday March 1st 2019 we’re launching a nationwide Refit and Refurbishment Framework.

The Framework will sit perfectly alongside our already prestigious stable of public sector construction related frameworks and is aimed at extending the lifecycle of buildings with modern renovation and restoration capabilities.

It promises to yield tremendous environmental savings and connect contractors with the common aims of providing tip-top modernisation. It will also include the advantages of shorter development periods, as well as cost-effective delivery of construction technology, design, quality, appearance and performance.

Our CEO, Simon Toplass, said:

“Our vision from the very beginning was to develop a portfolio of frameworks that complemented each other. Now we are by adding this new refit and refurbishment framework to that range. It means our clients will be able to convert buildings whilst keeping the same structure, improving and restoring their building by renovating them or incorporating the very latest in modern systems, through retrofit.”

 “Environmental aspects cannot be ignored. Whenever a building is recycled then a large amount of energy will be saved avoiding the need to extract raw materials and convert them into a new building. It’s a framework for the 21st century.”

The mechanics will be structured around five project value-based Lots, covering the full range of refit and refurbishment project types.

The five value-based lots will range from:

Lot 1 – £250k

Lot 2 – £1m

Lot 3 – £5m

Lot 4 – £15m

Lot 5 – £30m+

Within that, it will include Shell and Core, Category A & B refurbishment, internal refresh for occupied and non-occupied buildings and Cut and Carve refurbishment for all structural and non-structural modifications.

The launch is further exciting news for us. In 2018, we delivered 195 projects worth in excess of £462 million with over 450 clients across a variety of sectors and frameworks, and this new addition enhances our growing reputation as one of the best procurement specialists in our field, benefitting construction businesses large and small.

If you’ re as excited as we are about this new framework, then why not get in touch? We’re always happy to talk.

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