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Meet Charley Wainwright, The Future of Construction Lead

Date: 15/10/2020

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The magic is at work again at Pagabo. This time in the appointment of Charley Wainwright who is The Future of Construction Lead (that’s the job title).

Let’s meet him...

Are we right in saying you are the future of construction (TFOC)?

Fortunately not as I’m not sure there are enough hours in the day for one person to be the future of construction. What TFOC is, is an initiative that explores new ideas via collaboration within the industry and everyone in the industry is the future of construction.


What’s your job role at Pagabo?

My job at Pagabo is to facilitate these discussions and hopefully bring together like-minded and forward-thinking people within the industry so that we can explore ways of improving it.


Any good initiatives you can tell us about?

Plenty! We have just launched our occupational health and wellbeing initiative. You can look and see what ideas we have in the pipeline at


Where do you think the industry is heading?

I think the industry is heading to some great places, there is no shortage of requirements for construction; however, the drive to improve and better ourselves and work in more innovative ways is apparent with a new generation of workforce that is digitally savvy and connected.


What impact has lockdown had on the way we work?

I think it has focussed our time at work. No longer is work defined by 9-5, but now we can be assessed on our output rather than our hours. It has created an opportunity for us to reassess how we work and therefore potentially allowed us to progress faster in creating a workplace for the future.


You were one of the few people who made it abroad this summer, where did you go and what was it like?

I made it to Italy just before starting at Pagabo, fortunately, it was one of the remaining places in the world that didn’t have a mandatory quarantine on our return. I went to Venice while there were significantly fewer tourists that made it very pleasant and then to a vineyard just outside of Verona for a bit of R&R.

You’ll be home-based so what changes have you made?

I have created a dedicated workplace within my home. I still think it is important not to turn your home into your place of work, otherwise, you will never switch off. Therefore, if there is an area where you can close off and walk away from at the end of the day, you can allow yourself a break and an opportunity to unwind.


Can you recommend one change that will improve the home working environment?

I like to have some plants around me, I think it is nice to have some natural things within your workspace. Plants offer colour and provide a sense of being in touch with the environment.


When not working, what floats your boat?

I like to get outdoors, go for walks with my fiancé and my dog and when we are allowed to, meet up with friends around the country.


You are a dog lover so what will a kennel of the future look like?

I think the kennel of the future will be non-existent. As people change their ways of working, they will have the freedom to adapt more to a life that will suit their pets. 

We wish you well in the job