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Meet My Pagabo’s Customer Support Agent – Megan Davies

Date: 23/06/2022

Categories: Pagabo News

From her hobbies outside of work and her oversees education to an eye-opening twist on Teflon pans, we sat down with My Pagabo Customer Support Agent, Megan Davies, to find out more about her and her time in the Pagabo team...

Hi Megan. Could you tell us a little bit about your job as a Customer Support Agent

Of course! As a Customer Support agent, I spend my time supporting and working with our users through their journey on the My Pagabo platform, helping them through the onboarding process.

Great stuff. What were your first thoughts of ‘My Pagabo’?

As soon as found out about My Pagabo I though it was a very exciting new platform. I feel very lucky to have joined at this time, working so closely with something and being able to see it grow.

What did you do before you joined us here?

Prior to joining the Pagabo team I had just finished three and a half years at university in America. During the pandemic I worked in a lateral flow testing centre both in a customer facing role and helping with administration.

Wow. Some I'm sure you had some amazing experiences there! How have you been finding The 55 Group offices back here in the UK?

I love them! It is such a friendly and relaxed environment. Though the music choices on the office speakers are somewhat questionable sometimes...

We can vouch for that! On that note, can you tell us a bit about the 55 Group?

The 55 Group is a group of four companies, all looking to become leaders in their area of work. I personally believe that having the four companies all in one building allows for great collaboration among all the products.

Ok, so how about away from work. What do you do when you’re not working?

Most of my time is spent in the gym or out running – I recently ran my first marathon and I have a few more in the pipeline! When I’m not doing either of those, I can often be found in the North Yorkshire countryside chasing steam trains…

Our very own marathon runner. Fantastic! If a genie appeared right now – what would be your first wish?

Well, without going for the generic unlimited wishes, I’d probably wish to be able to talk to animals. I have an 8-month-old kitten and I’d love to have a chat with him and see what’s going on in his head.

Favourite film and why…

I’m vastly uncultured when it comes to films, I have seen very few of the ‘classics’… My Favourite film that I have watched recently though would have to be Dark Waters, it was so eye-opening. I think everyone should see it… and then go ahead and throw out their Teflon pans!

It's a great film for sure. Final question from us... What would you say to anyone thinking of working with us at the 55 Group?

Go for it! It’s such a friendly and nurturing environment, you’d be silly not to see how much you could grow in this company.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us Megan!

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