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Meet our new Business Analyst, Julian Penna

Date: 27/01/2020

Categories: Pagabo News

Pagabo is expanding once again! Julian Penna is our new business analyst. He's a Hull lad - even attending university in the city - and likes nothing more than a good book and a dollop of his favourite flavoured ice-cream. Let's meet him... 

  1. What does a business analyst do? 

The Business Analyst is someone who identifies the business needs of the client and helps that become a reality in the finished product.


  1. You are working on the My Pagabo App, how will that work? 

The My Pagabo App will make the procurement process easier, connecting clients to reliable suppliers and bringing more access and certainty on all sides. It will also bring the whole process into the 21st century.

  1. What are the main skills for your job?

I would say the essential skills are good communication, organisation and ability to think logically.


  1. Which businessman or businesswoman do you most admire?

I would have to say the health club mogul and former BBC dragon, Duncan Bannatyne. He came from very little and became successful through hard work. He does a lot for charitable causes too so I don’t think anyone cannot admire someone like that.


  1. You studied law at Hull University and even though you decided against going down a legal route, it must be an asset. Has it been useful?

My experience in law was invaluable. It has enabled me to process information quickly and pick out the most important points. It also gives me great time management skills, which has been a massive help in my work life.


  1. In the morning, what is the first thing you do when you arrive at the office?

The first job of the day has to be to make a nice cup of coffee followed by checking what the key tasks are for the day ahead.


  1. You enjoy reading so what’s on your reading list at the moment?

I mainly read books relating to history or politics. I’m not reading anything of note at the moment but the last book I read that was the fantastic Stalin: A Biography by Robert Service - he was an interesting man, to say the least. Robert Service does a phenomenal job of bringing people to life through his writing.


  1. You are learning to become a better cook. Any tips you can share?

Don’t cook as I do! Seriously, it's about reading recipes. Other people’s experiences and input is far more valuable to achieving the meal how you want it.


  1. What would be on the menu if you had to cook at a Pagabo dinner party?

It would most likely be something simple like macaroni and meatballs with plenty of olives and salami. Not sure anyone else would enjoy it but I certainly would.


  1. Any recommendations for a great day out in Hull?

There are many great places to visit but my favourite has to be Pearson Park. Since 1969, my family have run a little ice-cream shop there, and I spent so much time at the place when I was growing up. I now love taking my son and having a few scoops on the house!


Welcome to the team, Julian.