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Meet our new Marketing Placement, Charlotte Andrews

Date: 28/09/2020

Categories: Pagabo News

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new Marketing Placement Charlotte Andrews!

She joins the Pagabo team on her placement year, taking a break from the University of Hull were she has been studying a degree in marketing. She is adjusting from the student life and gives us an insight into her homeworking view as well as telling us some of the best places to visit in Hull!

Let's meet Charlotte...


  1. What’s the biggest difference between student life and work-life?

The routine of getting up and going to work every day! Not being able to come to and from Uni when you have a lot of free time or being free to meet friends whenever you want during the day. You have to plan a little bit more throughout the week. 


  1. What do you hope to bring to the job of marketing assistant?

I hope I can bring the skills I’ve learnt in my two years at university such as teamwork and creative skills. I hope my knowledge of marketing will allow me to progress and help in the growth of the Pagabo brand. 


  1. Any nice projects you are working on?

It’s still early days but I have delved into a few projects that have enabled me to learn more about marketing already! I have been assisting the creative aspects with the user guides we provide. I have also been part of the social media posts you may have seen going out in the past few weeks. 


  1. Have you been able to bring any new marketing trends to the table?

The team were already in the processes of looking at new trends that would grow the Pagabo brand. We have started looking into SEO and digital strategy as an evolving trend and hopefully it will have a positive and lasting effect on the business.


  1. How have you got to grips with home working?

Surprisingly on my first day working from home I was motivated to get on with my work all day long! I have managed to keep this momentum going and set myself away from work when I have lunch instead of continuing on. 


  1. Describe the view from your home office set up?

I have a nice big table which faces out into my living room and a big window which lets in all the light. Thankfully I don’t have to sit with any artificial lights or am cramped into a small desk or small room so I can spread my work all around me.


  1. Summer holidays were cancelled due to COVID so did you manage a week in the UK?

I had a lovely week in the sun booked over the summer but due to circumstances, it got cancelled. I had a small weekend getaway to a log cabin in the Yorkshire Dales that was great. Someday, I’d like to take a trip down to Cornwall and take in the sights as I’ve heard it’s a lovely destination! 


  1. Hull can be a nice place. Can you sell it as a tourist destination? I’ve heard the Humber Bridge is a must.

Hull does have some lovely places! You have the Humber Bridge of course which you can walk across or you can visit the Humber Bridge Country Park which has a nature reserve just below the bridge. There’s also the fruit market which is continuously growing and home to some great restaurants, bars and shops of all cultures. 


  1. Years down the line, what’s the dream job in marketing?

My dream job in marketing would be working for a company that values its marketing team and provides them with the opportunity to grow the company’s brand and everything in-between! 


  1. What do you hope the experience will give you when you go back to being a student?

I hope when I go back for my final year, I would have gained great experience and insight into what I want from my career. I also hope that this experience will aid in my final year dissertation and provide me with great real-life examples to gain a high degree classification. 


Thanks for your time Charlotte and good luck in the role.