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Meet our new Regional Relationship Manager, Karen Carter

Date: 04/08/2020

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We’re all experiencing home-working in the new normal so it’s good to get tips from an expert who also happens to be our new Regional Relationship Manager for the North, Karen Carter. Read on to find out more about what Karen gets up to besides work and to see the latest Pagabo pooch!


Welcome Karen...


  1. What attracted you to want to come and work for Pagabo?

In my last two roles I was increasingly aware of Pagabo and its growing success - they are quite difficult to ignore really. When I spotted the advertised Regional Relationship Manger post, I contacted Simon Toplass and the role he described to me felt like a perfect fit.


  1. How are you settling in?

It is an odd experience leaving one job and starting another. In my last role, I had a leaving do with my lovely ex-colleagues over Google Hangouts, which was a little strange. I’ve been able to spend a few days in the Pagabo office in my first week and, coupled with a lot of Microsoft Teams video calls, they have made sure I feel part of the team.


  1. What’s the recipe to being the perfect Regional Relationship Manager?

Understanding your clients and getting under the skin of their objectives and pressures to fully support them to achieve the best value for their requirements. While it’s always great for a client to have good projects to get stuck into when you first meet them, I see my role as building and maintaining longer, more strategic relationships which continue to deliver benefits for years to come.


  1. You’re experienced in procurement so what have been the best tender highlights thus far?

I really developed a love for the construction industry and all it has to offer, being part of the first collaborative construction frameworks within the north east was a great experience and one which has put me in good stead in my career. I’ve worked in public sector procurement for over 10 years before dipping into the contractor side of bidding for the past 3 years.


  1. Your area (the north) seems very large, will you be asking for a helicopter to cover it all?

Well I don’t want to push my luck too much too soon, but a helicopter would be greatly received! I’m based in Sunderland so everywhere within the north is accessible within a few hours, and with the vast majority of meetings still being carried out digitally, I’ll be over the moon to get out and about when I can.


  1. You are a seasoned home-worker so what tips do you have for the newbie faced with turning their home into an office?

I’ve been home-based for over three years now and really enjoy it, but it’s not always easy. I think you can quickly go stir crazy and miss the general chit-chat of an office and your work friends. I would say that making dedicated workspace is a definite. Keep in touch with your colleagues and make time to catch up with them even if it’s a 10-minute call.


  1. And the things to look out for?

Stop buying chocolate. The amount of Nutella I’ve gone through over the past few years is just ridiculous.


  1. What works best for you – Zoom, MS Teams or Google Hangouts?

I prefer MS Teams. I think the messaging and call facilities on Teams is quick and easy to use. We tend to use Teams for internal meetings, but more often than not it seems to be Zoom for larger external calls.


  1. How do you spend your spare time?

I have two children (aged 8 and 9) so my hobbies seem to revolve around ferrying them back and forward to their hobbies. I obviously need to keep up to date with all the latest TikTok dances and Minecraft fads to have any credibility with the kids…it’s hard work!!!

I like circuit training, eating out with my other half and learning to speak Spanish.


  1. Can you recommend the north-east for a staycation holiday?

Definitely. I live in a small village on the coast near Sunderland and for families there’s beach walking and rock pools to explore. We love walking down there with the kids and the pooch for an ice-cream, or to explore the rocks in our wellies. In addition, we’re close to beautiful woodland walks in the Durham and Northumberland countryside.


Welcome aboard Karen and best of luck in the new role. 


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