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Meet Pagabo’s new Framework Manager, David Llewellyn

Date: 31/08/2021

Let’s meet Pagabo’s new Framework Manager. Originally from Beverley and now Leeds-based, David Llewellyn is thrilled to be joining the company and talks about golden rules, flexible working and the sound of wedding bells.



Why Pagabo, why now?

After working as a buyer for a construction contractor, I was looking to get back to a more strategic role. The position at Pagabo fits the bill and I’m looking forward to working for a dynamic business where I will get plenty of experience and exposure whilst developing my career at a growing business.


What made you go into procurement

I got into it by chance. After leaving university, I got onto a graduate scheme where I was offered the choice of either a procurement or sales role for a manufacturing business. I’d worked in sales for a year whilst at university so decided to give procurement a go and the rest is history.


How will you be delivering value via the frameworks you manage?

I need to ensure the frameworks are being utilised correctly. Building strong relationships with the contractors and making sure what goes through the frameworks are of sufficient quality will be the key.


When it comes to work, do you possess any golden rules?

Now I am working from home more often, working from a desk/table and getting dressed properly help get a proper mindset. I also try to be disciplined in terms of taking a lunch break. I like to get out for a walk with the dog which ensures I am productive for the rest of the day.


How have you taken to hybrid working? Enjoying it?

A hybrid role is a positive one for me and the flexibility makes for a good working environment – something I factored into my decision-making when looking for a new role. I like a change of scenery so having the ability to work from home, go into the office for a bit of social interaction or get out and about, is great.


Away from work, what helps you build up a sweat?

I play rugby for a club in North Leeds which keeps me busy during the colder months. Outside of that, I’m a fair-weather cyclist, and currently trying to learn to play golf which has to be one of the most frustrating things I have ever done!


What do you think of the idea of a rugby tour to Newcastle?

Having cancelled last year’s tour due to the pandemic (and staying in the UK as opposed to a random European city), I am excited to be going anywhere. Having studied in Newcastle, I know what a great night out it is and how friendly the people are so I’m sure it will be a great weekend. I’m not too sure about the quality of the rugby after a night out on the Toon.


You live in North Leeds which has some wonderful scenery close by. Do you take advantage of it?

Where I live is great for getting out into the countryside and there is so much on the doorstep including access to the Yorkshire Dales. It is a great area for cycling albeit with lots of hills and there are also plenty of great locations with stunning scenery to walk the dog.


I hear wedding bells are on the horizon?

Yes indeed. It has been a long time coming after getting engaged in 2019 and having had to postpone our May 2021 date. We are now getting married in Feb 2022 which will make for a slightly different occasion with the colder weather, but I’m looking forward to the big day and the honeymoon to follow.


If there is something you need to do more of, what is it?

Whilst refurbishing our house, I did a bit of woodwork and built bedside tables and a desk for our home study to try and save some money. I enjoyed it and it was something different so it would be good to pick that up again and have more projects on the go. 



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