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Meet Pagabo's new Procurement Service Manager, Shamayne Harris

Date: 16/11/2021

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A new position needs a new person to fill the role. So, we're thrilled to introduce Shamayne Harris, who loves walking her dog, listening to indie music on the M62 and escaping the dust of DIY hell. 



  1. So, you ARE Pagabo's first procurement service manager?


Yes. The new role was created to grow a team who were already providing expert procurement support at a national level on established Frameworks and the development of new or renewal opportunities. No two days will be the same.


  1. What swung it when you attended the interview?


Having worked within utilities for over seven years, I was looking to move into a role that allowed me to broaden my OJEU experience, drive innovation through effective procurement and work within a responsive team which is quite a wish list in the regulated space. 


  1. What's the big difference now compared to previous roles?


Initially, the most noticeable differences are the culture and size compared to the utilities. The progressive culture at Pagabo and the team's size will allow me to influence change and react to market needs to offer innovative solutions. 

As I'd worked at home for almost two years, the chance to get back in the office was a welcome change. 


  1. What's the first thing you do when you get into the office?


I'm fairly methodical, so I follow the same routine most mornings: selecting my workstation, making myself a hot drink, and reviewing my commitments and plans for the day


  1. You often drive to Hull from Sowerby Bridge (a 160 miles round trip), so what is your choice of radio listening to break the journey?


I usually listen to a few playlists that I started many moons ago when I was a student. It's an eclectic mix of genres, from indie bands like The Verve and Kings of Leon to older artists like David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. 


  1. And after a long day, how do you like to relax?


We bought our first dog, Betsy, late last year, so when I get home after work, I like to walk her, which helps me unwind from the day and travel. 


  1. We understand you are in the middle of a major house renovation.

Yes, we're at the mid-way point, and it's progressing very well, but it's been a mix of hell and heaven. I'm very fortunate that on the hellish days, I can plan an escape to the office in Hull to take solace. I'm committed to keeping my DIY input to a minimum and think of myself as the chief brew maker and delegator. 


  1. Were you a fan of homeworking?


Homeworking has its benefits, but the novelty of permanent homeworking wore off early for me. Engagement is such an integral contributor to the success of the procurement function and being back in the office allows for the organic interactions which I missed before joining Pagabo. 


  1. What are the hidden gems of your hometown?


Sowerby Bridge is a fab little spot with surrounding countryside, canal walks and lovely restaurants; I've recently tried Engine for tapas and drinks, which I'd highly recommend. Sowerby Bridge is only a short distance from Halifax, a much busier town, and we often visit the Piece Hall for coffee on the weekend.


  1. Do you have any good habits that you can share?


I find planning out the following day's tasks and writing lists is a handy tool to keep on track of commitments and helps to breakdown down bigger goals into mini milestones. 


Thanks for chatting, Shamayne, and good luck with the job.


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