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Navigating procurement in unprecedented times

Date: 28/04/2020

Categories: Industry News, Thought Leadership

The government has clarified the guidance on procurement processes as a result of COVID-19.

Despite the exceptional circumstances, our sector continues many of their usual activities. Construction projects and programmes continue to progress, albeit with restrictions and at a reduced pace. Future projects are being planned for when ‘normal’ life resumes, and emergency requirements are being created and facilitated at speed.

The government has recently released Procurement Policy Notes (PPN 01/20) which provides contracting bodies with current guidance on:

  • procurement options for emergency works directly related to helping to fight COVID-19 (PPN 01/20)

This guidance document is designed to provide short-term relief and support, to ensure emergency works can proceed at pace and the supply of goods and services can be maintained. This is excellent news, but compliance in the appointment of works and services is still a requirement.


Ensuring compliance

PPN 01/20 allows contracting authorities to adjust their procurement approach to meet urgent needs. To protect public money and resources, authorities must demonstrate a robust business case, suitable governance and best-value decisions.


Where can Pagabo help?

We strongly believe that the quickest and most efficient way to procure is through the use of a framework agreement — particularly one with a designated Direct Award process. All of our framework agreements allow for direct appointment and provide clients with a readymade, simple and compliant solution, accelerating access to works, goods and services providers.

We have made a further significant decision in our response to PPN 01/20, waiving all fees across our suite of frameworks for clients utilising them in response to COIVD-19. This means that the cost of the goods, services and works are all that a client will pay for during the period relating to this PPN.


Where can Lot 1 help?

Faithful+Gould are the Lot 1 provider on Pagabo’s national framework for professional services and as such are able to offer multi-discipline services, quickly and compliantly, through a direct appointment. The benefit of the multi-discipline approach is the ability for clients to appoint a sole lead consultant to undertake a series services, be that through themselves and/or their supply-chain – which in the current circumstances can be advantageous.  


To discuss your requirements with a member of our team, call us today on 01482 975883, or email your enquiry to


Pagabo waives framework fees