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Pagabo launches bidding for £1.1bn Demolition and Land Preparation Framework

Date: 08/11/2021

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The tender documents are live for our Demolition and Land Preparation Framework, which is set to go live in February 2022. You can view the tender documentation below.



Valued at £1.1bn, the framework agreement will run for four years and be open to all public sector bodies including schools, universities, local authorities, police and emergency services, NHS organisations, health and social care providers, housing associations and central government departments.

The framework contains a total of five lots, nine project types and up to 15 geographical regions. The framework will ultimately operate through a maximum of nine contractors per project type per region per lot.

The nine project types covered are:


  • Demolition of structures 5 storeys and below
  • Demolition of structures 6 storeys and above
  • Decommissioning and decontamination
  • Industrial dismantling and de-planting
  • Demolition of non-traditional high-rise structures

Land preparation

  • Bulk earthworks and waste management
  • Contaminated land remediation
  • Mine Work Remediation
  • Ground Improvements


Jason Stapley, our managing director, said: “Our new demolition and land preparation framework offers the market an excellent opportunity to help public sector bodies rebuild with confidence and excellence.

“Breaking down the lots into smaller geographical regions intends to offer opportunities to SMEs and promote the idea of suitability prevailing. This decision comes from our own research and the feedback we receive from clients nationwide. Our role is to facilitate in the best way we can and to do this we ensure that collaboration is encouraged across our ecosystem and the wider built environment network.”

Included in the range of projects available is structure demolition, ground improvement works, bulk earthworks, industrial dismantling and the demolition of non-traditionally constructed high-rise structures.

Jason continued: “There is plenty of discussion at the moment around demolition and rebuild projects due to the potential environmental impact. One thing that this framework will do is ensure specialist firms are best placed to support the start of this process if this is the route that public sector organisations decide to take for their estate.”


The tender documents are available online here:

View the tender documents

Submissions must be completed by 9 December, before the successful organisations are announced during February 2022.