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Plans in for Major Works procured HS2 Station Car Parks

Date: 22/07/2022

Categories: Case Studies

Plans have been submitted to build two new car parks next to the upcoming HS2 Interchange station in Solihull, with the scheme being procured through our Major Works Framework. The work will see new multi-storey car parks built on land next to the M42 just over one mile east of Birmingham Airport, which will contain between 4,500 and 7,000 spaces.

Contractor Vinci Construction UK was appointed to deliver the scheme back in May 2022, working for Urban Growth Company, a special-delivery vehicle set up by Solihull Council to maximise growth opportunities associated with HS2’s arrival in the borough.



The car parks will be for passengers using the new HS2 station, which is set to open between 2029 and 2033, along with users of the wider £3.2 billion Arden Cross scheme at the same site.

Urban Growth Company has submitted a hybrid planning application, seeking full consent for an initial car park and outline consent for a second. Planning was previously consented as a 7,500-space surface car park as a legal requirement to provide parking for the location, but the new proposals consolidate the spaces into a phased multi-storey car park, allowing roughly 74 acres of land to go back to developers as part of the Arden Cross scheme.



Our head of construction, Jonathan Parker, said: “We are really proud to be involved in this stand-out scheme, making sure that all of the infrastructure and development relating to the HS2 proceeds effectively and works towards making HS2 a roaring success. 

“Working closely with Martin Faulkner of Urban Growth Company has been a delight throughout the procurement process, and we’re pleased to see the scheme hit this key milestone.

“Submitting these hybrid plans is the first step in the journey, and we look forward to seeing the plans granted and continuing our working relationship with Urban Growth Company and Vinci Construction UK as the scheme progresses.”


A major economic boost for the area

If approved, the first of the two car parks will be constructed to support the opening of HS2 Interchange between 2029 and 2033, having around 4,000 spaces across nine floors.

The two lower floors will be located below ground level, along with 500 surface level car parking spaces. This has been made possible by the choice of a disused quarry site, reducing the visual impact on the area of the car parks and making use of a location that would otherwise have been backfilled.

The second car park, if approved and required, will be eight storeys with one floor below ground level, providing an additional 3,000 spaces located on the site of the first phase car park. It would be constructed in time for the opening of HS2’s later stages, connecting phase one with Crewe, Manchester and the East Midlands.

Moving from surface car parking to a multi storey solution is an element of the plan to make the UK Central Hub development opportunity a reality and ensuring the economic benefit of HS2 can be fully realised by West Midlands.



Martin Faulkner, commercial manager at Urban Growth Company, said: “‘The planning application and supporting design work are key to realising the international-standard development opportunity that is being enabled by UGC around the planned HS2 station at Interchange. By committing to build the MSCP, a £3.2bn mixed-use development proposal will become a reality for the West Midlands. 

“The work of our partners and suppliers is instrumental, and Pagabo has been extremely proactive in supporting the UGC in tendering and subsequently awarding the contract to Vinci. The team was always available to provide advice and guidance when required and it has been a pleasure to work with them.”


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