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Q&A with Pagabo’s new marketing intern, William Hill.

Date: 18/06/2019

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Say hello to our latest addition, William Hill. Master Will comes to us straight from Hull University and loves sport (not horse racing), spotting beer snakes at cricket matches, and is an admirer of the marketing skills of King Kong. Welcome to the party.

  1. William Hill, what are the odds on that? Do you get remarks about your name #horsebetting?

All the time especially when meeting new people. The only winner I’ve backed recently is coming to work at Pagabo!

  1. What is exciting about leaving university and starting work?

The opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills I've developed during my time at university. As an undergraduate, projects offered some opportunities but were limited to ideas that do not have an impact in the real world. It’s also nice to have a few extra quid in your account.

  1. Why marketing?

I’ve always been interested in marketing. As a student, I became commercially minded which should stand me in good stead as I develop and gain experience.

  1. Do you have any work goals?

I’d say I have two main aims. Firstly, to see a project through from start to finish and show my colleagues what I am capable of. The second is to develop and grow as a person. I want to be able to say that at the end that my time here it will have positively changed me, which I feel is important when taking part in anything in life.  

  1. What project are you working on right now?

The Welcome Packs. It’s a project that needs bags of creativity and allows me to see the it through from beginning to end.

  1. What good work habits have you picked up?

Ben (Ben Thompson, Pagabo marketing manager) showed me an online application called Trello. Trello tracks projects and tasks that need to be done within a set timeframe. It is a handy tool for time management and I am sure it will continue to come in useful during my time at Pagabo.

  1. How do you spend your downtime?

You’ll often find me between the sticks on a Wednesday night as the goalkeeper for a 6-a-side football team. I also love a good trip to the pub and going out to try new places to eat with friends.

  1. What apps can you not live without?

I would say YouTube for sure. I love nothing more than relaxing with a cup of tea and listening to the Ricky Gervais podcast.

  1. What is the best marketing campaign you have seen?

The Guerrilla Marketing campaign to promote the King Kong movie (2005). The marketing team left giant King Kong-sized footprints on beaches across America so as well as terrifying beachgoers it was a clever and effective way to encourage people to attend the cinema.

  1. If you had to organise a day out for clients, where and what would that be?

With England and Wales hosting this summer’s cricket World Cup, a day out at Headingley would be perfect. Watching the cricket and making a few beer snakes in the summer sun would be a great way to bond with clients.

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