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Regional user guides now available

Date: 26/05/2020

Categories: Pagabo News

As our latest framework agreements launch, we are delighted to bring you our new regional user guides.

We have created an individual user guide for each of Pagabo’s seven key regions including Scotland, the North, the Midlands, South West, Wales, London & South East and Northern Ireland.



Our regional guides are designed with the end user in mind. They outline which suppliers are available to you in your region across all of our construction frameworks.  

Unlike the previous version, this time we have included our Professional Services framework in the guide. We see collaboration across our frameworks as a key benefit to the client and therefore by having all construction and Professional Services frameworks in one place it will give the user a more well-rounded picture of Pagabo’s offering.

The guide will also help the client to understand the appointment processes available to them, showcase the benefits of using our frameworks and the additional support we offer throughout your project from pre-construction to project end.

Whether you’re a client interested in using one of our frameworks or a supplier within our ecosystem, you can access digital copies of all our regional guides below.


Scotland - User Guide

The North - User Guide

The Midlands - User Guide

South West - User Guide

Wales - English Language - User Guide

Wales - Welsh Language - User Guide

London & South East - User Guide

Northern Ireland - User Guide