Dynamic Purchasing Systems

We have two dynamic purchasing systems available to all UK public and private sector organisations. Both are equipped to streamline the appointment process, saving you time and money, whilst ensuring complete compliance.


Digitising procurement

My Pagabo streamlines the whole procurement process, simplifying the traditional approach using the power of technology.

Through our platform, clients can compliantly access our DPSs and run their entire procurement process from start to finish. Suppliers are able to apply directly through the platform, with the full application process managed through the system.

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System?

A Dynamic Purchasing System, or DPS, differs to a standard framework agreement in three ways:

  • Suppliers can apply to the DPS at any time
  • There is no limit on the number of suppliers that can join
  • All procurement must be competed, direct awards are not allowed

Pagabo’s DPSs enable public and private sector organisations to procure their requirements in an efficient and compliant manner.

Access our DPS now

Our DPS are free to access and easy to use. We will support you through the process, acting as the link between you, the contracting authority, and the supplier(s).

The DPS can be used to undertake a further competition for your project. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will provide as much support as you need to make your project a success, from the very early stages right through to completion – just tell us what it is you require.

There is no cost to access the DPS but you do need to sign a copy of our Client Access Agreement. This will allow us to supply you with the necessary documents such as Terms and Conditions, rate cards and any supporting templates. Details on how to complete this will be provided once the below enquiry form is complete.

If you are looking to become a supplier on any of our DPS please apply here.