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Celebrating being the first framework provider to deliver £1bn in social value

Date: 11/03/2019

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In January 2019 we reported that £783m social value had been delivered through our frameworks. In just 2 short months since then, we are proud to announce that we are the first UK public sector framework provider to evidence delivering over £1bn social value.

Pagabo is committed to ensuring that social value is delivered to our clients so that their people, communities, businesses and economies benefit the most. Our partnership with Social Profit Calculator enables us to report instantly on the social impact we are creating through our frameworks.

Our newly updated social value includes:

  • Additional Benefits for Local Economies (LM3) = £655,659,340 of value
  • Workforce Productivity creating GVA uplift = £226,338,023 of value
  • 468 Work Placements = £551,223 of value
  • 691 New Jobs = £42,368,262 of value
  • 2592 Safeguarded Jobs = £158,503,502 of value
  • 173 Sustainable Apprentices = £4,682,752 of value

TOTAL = £1.088bn in March 2019

In addition, we have a substantial social value footprint across the UK:


London & South East


South West








Scotland & NI




Evidencing £1bn social value is huge milestone in public sector procurement and, together with Social Profit Calculator, we are immensely proud to be leading the way in monitoring, measuring and reporting this to our clients.

As the year continues, we will regularly update our clients and suppliers on the social value we are creating for communities through the frameworks. Our ability to monitor, measure and report on social value sets Pagabo apart from other framework providers. 

To discuss how we can apply this approach to your next project, please call us on 01482 975883, or email us at

About Pagabo:

We help public sector organisations across the UK by providing EU compliant framework agreements, a DPS, and bespoke consultancy - delivered and backed up by a team of MCIPS qualified procurement professionals with a huge range of experience.

About Social Profit Calculator:

Social Profit Calculator uses government methodologies and databases to accurately calculate social value in the most robust way to evidence the social and economic impact of local investments, as well as the operational value in the short, medium and long term.

Going beyond statistics and output numbers we are able to calculate the financial return on client investments against the outcomes that are aligned to their local strategies and Government targets.