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Meet The 55 Group's new Accounts Assistant, Jacob Ketley

Date: 12/10/2021

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Fresh-faced Jacob Ketley comes to The 55 Group as an Accounts Assistant and loves cruise holidays as much as he does Liverpool FC. VW Sciroccos, lucky streaks and the ACCA are all on his Q&A balance sheet. 


  1. Tell us a bit about your job as an accounts assistant?

I'm dealing with the money that comes in and goes out of the business, as well as allocating payments to retrospective supplier and customer accounts, and resolving any issues that crop up. 


  1. Any hopes of one day becoming a qualified accountant?

Yes, I am currently undergoing training towards the ACCA (the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants) with the hope of becoming fully qualified.


  1. Have you ever come across the expression ‘there’s a cheque in the post’?

Ha-ha. I’ve heard it before, and we still do deal with cheques! So, yes I do get: ‘We have sent it today, should be with you in three working days’. It’s not the usual way we do business these days.


  1. There’s been a recent move to new premises (an old HSBC bank of all places) so how do you like the new gaff?

The new office is brilliant in all honesty, located in one of the best spots in the centre of town, as well as being well decorated. Looking forward to the bar being built too ?


  1. Tell us a bit about The 55 Group.

The 55 Group is a collection of four companies: Pagabo, Sypro, Tequ and SPC that have all joined together with a mission of using technology and innovative thinking to bring a better and greener approach to the built environment. My previous role was in wind energy, so being able to work for an organisation that focuses on a greener planet does give a sense of pride.


  1. What do you do when you’re not working?

I love football. I play 7-a-side football through the week as well as constantly watching and keeping up to date with Liverpool FC. I also like to stay social, so meeting up with friends and family is a regular occurrence.


  1. I’ve heard you enjoy a good cruise holiday.

I’ve been on a few cruises, and it is by far my favourite holiday. The best one must be around the Caribbean in an area called the American Mediterranean Sea of the Atlantic Ocean. You’re almost guaranteed great weather and the islands you can stop off at are amazing.


  1. If it's not too cheeky, what will you be doing with your first month's salary?

I have just been to a festival and need to start saving for Christmas, but the leftovers will be put in the bank and going towards a holiday.


  1. Any advice on getting a new car? Buy or lease, I can’t decide?

I currently lease a Volkswagen Scirocco GT R-Line and love it. I’ve had it three years and just extended it for an extra year.


  1. Have you ever been really lucky?

I was lucky enough to be spoilt with a trip to Las Vegas as my 21st birthday present from all my family and whilst I was there, my luck continued as I won $2,400 on one of the huge Game of Thrones slot machines. It was certainly a holiday moment I will never forget.


Thanks for chatting, Jacob, and good luck with the job!


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