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Pagabo Live – Driving Efficiency Through Early Developer Engagement

30 May 2024

Our latest Pagabo Live session was a particularly special one. Live from the Pagabo Group Pavilion at UKREiiF 2024, we invited listeners to join us in person and soak up the discussion ahead of asking their questions of the panel face to face.

Regular host Tom Snee of Cartwright Communications was joined by Beth Bundonis and Stuart Penn from Lovell Partnerships, James Dunn from Telford & Wrekin Co-Operative Council and our very own Development Director Jonathan Parker.

What do all the speakers have in common? They understand the development challenges faced by the public and private sectors, as well some of the solutions. During the UK’s largest annual gathering of professionals working in the built environment, there was no better place to continue promoting knowledge in the public sector and explore why early developer engagement can unlock positive outcomes.



Through the eyes of the public sector

To kick off the session, Tom asked for a public sector perspective on the challenges associated with development. The response included resources, funding and viability as the greatest obstacles. Beyond that, procurement, legal processes and the many layers of governance were cited as potential reasons for delays.

Having significant aspiration and opportunity is motivating, but there were concerns expressed it can also be a hindrance in relation to decision making. However, James, speaking from his experience at Telford & Wrekin Co-Operative, confirmed that successful collaboration with both Lovell Partnerships and Pagabo in recent years has helped to overcome common development challenges. Technical expertise found within the private sector can help to bring development pipelines forward and into the delivery stage sooner, which is most likely achieved when developers and consultants become an extension of local authority teams at the earliest stage possible.


More than just a buzzword

Early engagement. The phrase won’t be new to many at this point, but the benefits are hard to ignore. From a public sector perspective, key motivations are the access to expertise and support with funding applications, though there are many more. As for the private sector, the opportunity to increase supply chain confidence, create more placed-based and tailored social value programmes and deliver complex projects are all drivers.

Lovell’s representatives explained during the discussion that early engagement helps to fully execute its partnership model, which results in the housebuilder being able to deliver in line with local authority plans and do what it does best – build quality homes. Another issue raised by Stuart was his belief that there is a lack of trust within areas of the public sector of their private sector partners, which can be overcome through sustained and mutually beneficial relationships – forged from the earliest engagement. The commitment from both sides is needed to help increase knowledge of an area and an understanding of what can be achieved and how, which as we all know is completely crucial in delivering positive social value too.

Procurement plays an important role in facilitating early engagement, which is where our Developer Led Framework enters the discussion. This framework agreement has been uniquely designed to support local authorities with working with a developer and is the only of its kind in the UK. Whether its direct award or further competition, the framework offers maximum flexibility and helps with unlocking development opportunities.

In the development world, capabilities, resources and effective partnerships are critical. As local authorities and developers can combine efforts to bring about results, frameworks like ours offer the governance and compliance wrapper without comprising on speed.


Learn more about our Developer Led Framework today.

To listen to the full episode of Pagabo Live, find the recording on YouTube or Spotify now.

Our next Pagabo Live instalment will be taking place on 24 June at 11am – 12pm, with the session focussing on The Future of Social Value. Register for this webinar here.

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