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Pagabo plant over 300 trees to offset the next four years of work travel

Date: 19/03/2020

We’ve been planting!

Continuing our company wide commitment to reducing our businesses carbon footprint, the Pagabo team have been out planting trees.

The team braved mixed conditions and muddy fields at the Bewholme site to plant over 300 trees, in support of the Northern Forest initiative and the Plant a Tree Today Foundation.

The morning of digging, planting and protecting the newly planted trees was wrapped up perfectly with bacon butties for all involved!

It was a TREEmendous effort to plant 300 trees in one morning and will go on to offset the next four years of car journeys for all of our staff at Pagabo! We worked this out by assuming we would have twelve cars on the road travelling 7,456 miles each year. It takes six trees to offset the carbon for each car for one year.


Trees planted


Miles offset per tree


Total miles offset

372,900 miles



Business miles travelled per year

89,472 miles

Total miles travelled in four years

357,888 miles


A huge thanks to Simon, Will and Ben from the Pagabo team who got involved – Hopefully this will be the first of many initiatives we take part in as a business to help reduce our carbon footprint.

To find out more about this initiative and to see how your business can get involved, click the link below. 


PATT Foundation

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