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Q&A with Pagabo's new marketing assistant, Ben Mackay.

Date: 16/09/2019

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Pagabo has a new crew member. Originally from SE London, Ben Mackay is a 3rd-year student in Hull and joins our marketing team to put theory into practice. When he isn't busy in the office, he can be found clocking up the miles following his favourite football team, Crystal Palace (no Hull fixture this season) and has an amazing day out proposal for our clients. Welcome aboard.


  1. You’re currently a student at the University of Hull and taking a working gap year.


Yes, I'm studying Business Management and working in marketing at Pagabo which fits in with my career ambitions. Being part of the team will help develop my knowledge and understanding and turn university learning into practice in a working environment.


  1. What other work experiences do you have under your belt?


I worked as part of the marketing team at a travel company. I was responsible for a range of tasks including managing a variety of social media accounts, sending out newsletters and even designed a window poster. It was a real temptation not to book all the amazing holiday offers that we had to promote!


  1. Was it an easy decision to join Pagabo?


It was! From the interview, I was able to see the creative office space… in building site form! This was something that appealed to me as I value having social time alongside work. Also, from meeting Simon and the team I could see that Pagabo has a small, close-knit team. This appealed to me as it’s an opportunity for me to take on more responsibility and play an important role within the business.


  1. What have you learnt in your first few weeks in the role?


I've learnt that time management is key as well as prioritising tasks in order to get things done.


  1. What’s the first thing you do when you come into the office?


I sit down after a 40 min walk (or cycle) to work. Then, I open my laptop and crack on through my emails and organise what I am going to get on with for the day.


  1. What projects are you currently working on?


I'm piecing together the monthly newsletter and writing up pieces for the website. It has helped me get up to speed with the business and the key things that are going on.


  1. Younger people spend more time on apps so what will you be teaching colleagues in the office?


I’ll be teaching them how to be top of the league in Fantasy Premier League… Although in recent weeks I have slipped down the table!


  1. Pagabo wants to have a day out for all their UK clients. Money no object, where do you take them?


Seeing as it’s the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo next year, flying out in a private jet to watch the athletics finals would be the perfect day… the pilot needs to step on it otherwise we’d need more than a day. Enjoying some top hospitality with clients in Japan while watching the best athletes in the world will be a day out that's hard to top!


  1. Outside work, what do you like to do in your spare time?


I’m a very active person and enjoy going on walks, the gym and playing a variety of sports - football has been my passion from a young age. At weekends I'll probably be watching the best team in the Premier League Crystal Palace up and down the country!


  1. How will you measure the success of your time at Pagabo?


By becoming an integral part of the team at Pagabo and assisting our head marketer, Ben Thompson, with as many tasks as possible. It will help me build up a wealth of knowledge around business and marketing.  Hopefully, I can put my success and learning into practice in my final year and leave university with a First-Degree classification.


Good luck with the job.