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Spotting the signs your mental health might be suffering

Date: 18/05/2020

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In this difficult time, spotting the signs that you’re not feeling yourself is more important than ever before, but also more challenging.

We’ve partnered with Mates in Mind to help people spot the signs that they may be suffering, and if they are, we want to help signpost where they can go to get the support they might need.



Spotting the signs

We know that for some of us, spotting the signs that we’re not feeling ourselves can be a challenge.  

Having trouble concentrating during meetings, an inability to complete work and unexplained lateness and absences are classic signs of your metal health having an impact on your working activities – But these are all difficult to spot in the current home working environment we operate in.

While working from home, you may start to feel restless and agitated, this can develop further and lead to one distancing themselves and not responding to emails and other messages. Communicating with others is vital to one’s metal wellbeing and staying connected through video chats and seeing a friendly face for a catch up really can go such a long way.     

Outside of the workplace signs can include, not wanting to socialise and do the things you usually enjoy, finding it difficult to cope with everyday tasks and even turning to alcohol to help cope with these feelings. At times these may feel like the only coping mechanisms but often just exacerbates things in the long term.

There are many self-help activates you can do to overcome these feelings and always additional support in place if and when its needed.


Homeworking tips

Establishing a workday routine and balancing this with your ‘out of work’ routine is hugely important. Small things like creating a ‘to-do’ list and establishing set times to take a break from your desk are positive steps and will help you to keep you focused on daily tasks, while also preventing you from procrastinating.   

As mentioned, keeping regular contact with friends and work colleague is more important now than ever before. Organising daily catch ups, be that work related or social, is a great way to stay connected with your team and really does help each individual involved.   

For more homeworking tips from the team at Mates in Mind, click here.


Where and when to seek help

Although useful for some of us, sometimes tips like these are not working and that’s okay too.

We want to ensure that the individuals who might need additional support from time to time are signposted to the correct places and understand that its normal not to feel okay all of the time. 

Mates in Mind have created a page that outlines all of the relevant places you can contact to get the support you need. View in full here: Support Services

We encourage everyone to share this as far and wide as they can – This really could make a huge difference to someone out there.   

Remember, you are not alone so don’t suffer in silence.

Spot the signs and reach out.


For more great tips and important information from the team at Mates in Mind, click below: 

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