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Meet our new My Pagabo Customer Services Support, Annie Lutkin

Date: 12/01/2021

Categories: Pagabo News

We’d like to welcome another new addition to the Pagabo team, Annie Lutkin. She joins us as part of our My Pagabo Customer Services.  

Getting the job was the best news ever and Annie is keen to talk walks, city breaks and of course, the role itself.

  1. So Annie, what made you want to work at Pagabo?

For some time, I had been following Pagabo on LinkedIn and was interested in the company and the success stories. When I saw images of the offices on Google, it was like: ‘Yes, I need to work for this company!’. You can tell they care about their employees.


  1. It must have been a great feeling landing the job just before Christmas?

Yes definitely. I have worked since I was 16 and before getting the job offer I had been out of work for six months. With Covid, the job market had been tough, and so it was the best Christmas present I could have asked for.


  1. As a customer services player, do you have any goals for the first few months?

My goal is to get confident with the job. This is a new role on a new service platform so there is a lot to learn. My long-term goal is to gain more knowledge about the construction industry.


  1. What qualities do you bring to the job?

Positivity – I look at what can be done rather than what can’t be done. I also work efficiently and am a good team player.


  1. Before this, you worked for Siemens in the renewable energy department. Wind turbines - that must have been exciting? 

Yes, it was! I was lucky enough to have worked on the Hornsea One offshore project, and that was an amazing role where I learnt so much about the renewable energy industry. We had a great team there, which was fast-paced and hard work but fun at the same time.


  1. You went to university in Leeds yet Hull has lured you back. What is the attraction of the city?

Before moving away to study in Leeds I had always lived in Hull. All of my family and friends are in Hull and I like the thought of them being nearby. I think Hull has a lot to offer, and I love Humber Street and the small businesses. Leeds was a fantastic experience for independence, but my final year of commuting allowed me to learn to drive and buy a car.


  1. How do you think you will adapt to periods of home-working?

Fine, I was home-working from March to May anyway. I moved into my own home recently so will be able to focus more, compared to when I lived with my family.


  1. During lockdown did you discover the joys of Joe Wicks videos as a way of keeping fit or do you have your own fitness arrangements?

I did a few of the Joe Wicks workouts. When the gyms re-opened, I managed to go back to classes. I started yoga in September and it’s my aim to focus more on keeping fit this year.


  1. When we get out of lockdown are there any plans to make up for lost time?

If I had to pick my top one, it would be visiting New York – possibly around Christmas time. I’m hoping things are back normal by Christmas 2021 then that may be the plan. I was supposed to attend Glastonbury 2020, but I think this is more likely going to be 2022 now. Hopefully, that will make up for lost time after the long wait.



  1. In normal times, how would you be spending your downtime?

I enjoy eating out at new places and I tend to go on a lot of local city breaks – Leeds/Manchester. Last year I was lucky enough to visit Budapest in the summer and Berlin at Christmas time, so lots of sightseeing and exploring. This year with being more of a staycation, I went for a cottage break near York which was nice – lots of long countryside walks and relaxing. I also go to a lot of local gigs and concerts.


Thank you for chatting Annie and good luck with the job.