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Meet our new South West & Wales Regional Representative, David Collett

Date: 16/02/2021

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David Collett joins us as South West and Wales Regional Representative. David lives in a pocket of sunshine down on the South West coast where sailing and procurement go hand-in-hand. 


  1. Outline the role you have with Pagabo.

To identify new opportunities suited to the Pagabo frameworks, engage potential customers, explore the benefits to them and encourage them to work with the Pagabo team in procuring their projects.


  1. And what UK region will you be handling?

I’ll be looking after the South West of England and South Wales.


  1. How do you build relationships with clients?

I find the best way is to listen, understand and genuinely seek solutions that suit them.  


  1. What has been the biggest change to the industry over the last decade?

Major contractors have become more sophisticated in the way they manage relationships and approach projects.  These days contractors are keen to present a professional profile and get involved in a project far earlier to find the most economic and effective solutions.  


  1. What’s your favourite part of the construction cycle?

I enjoy the complete lifecycle but the main two parts are, the early days, when I help a customer define the brief and consider how best to go about procuring it.  Then of course, the construction phase, when the whole team sees the project taking shape.


  1. In business terms, have you ever pulled the proverbial rabbit out of a hat?

Yes, when I joined a large international consultancy to open a project management service in Johannesburg.  The project was one of several where large, international institutions, sadly, were relocating head offices away from the central business district because of the threat from violence prevalent at the time.  It was a major project and our business was in its infancy in South Africa.  By listening and understanding and then promoting a convincing project strategy, we won the work to the delight of our Country Manager.  


  1. You are based near Exeter so what are you blessed with?

A great business network, and a beautiful location with plenty of outdoor activity.  I am particularly blessed by the location of our sailing club and fleet which sits 2-minutes from my doorstep.


  1. Sailing seems to be the thing to get you out of the home/office?

It’s been great bringing up a family by the water and my son’s and my current pastime in the summer season is racing single-handed dinghies – the Laser.  It’s great for the soul!


  1. Have you incorporated any changes in your life to make lockdown more manageable?

I was already established working from a home office so not a great deal of change – just more time spent in it.  I am looking forward to getting out more.


  1. What will be the first thing on the list once lockdown restrictions are lifted?

I think – like a lot of people – a visit to the pub with friends and no Covid restrictions.


We can all drink to that, and the best success in the new role.