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Supporting your team’s remote working through COVID-19

Date: 18/05/2020

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Many of us are still working remotely and are lacking that valuable face-to-face contact we are used to having when working in an office or group working environment. This is a challenging time for everyone and especially difficult for those tasked with managing different teams.  

In partnership with Mates in Mind, we have created a checklist of long-distance management practices that you can follow to ensure you are supporting your colleagues during these difficult times.

We have always championed mental health at Pagabo. Last year we set up our own charity, the Pagabo Foundation, and have already began to sign post and raise funds to support existing mental health charities operating in the construction industry.

We understand that our sector suffers more than most when it comes to talking about and tackling mental health issues. But the current situation we find ourselves in calls for even greater need to support our workforce and the charities that aim to support them.    

Here’s some tips on how you can support your workforce in these unprecedented times.



Keeping employees in sight and mind

It sounds simple but keeping employees in sight and in mind is hugely impactful. Ensuring that during each conversation you have with them you remain positive and mindful of their own unique personal situation really goes along way for that individual.

Proactively managing communication challenges

A theme prominent throughout this lockdown period is that communication is key now more than ever before. Managing and communicating with your employees from a long-distance is particularly difficult and requires a little additional effort.

Signposting mental health support

Spotting the signs that you might be struggling is important but knowing where to go if support is needed is also vital. It is key that organisations ensure their employees know where to go and what they need to do in order to seek help in an open yet confidential manner. This can be sign posted internally through a HR department or externally to an existing mental health support group, such as Mates in Mind. 

Encouraging a ‘work-life’ balance 

A work-life balance is key to any individual’s wellbeing and from time to time, managers have a role to play in encouraging their staff to consider this. A couple of unhealthy habits that we are all guilty of at times are working longer hours plus checking & responding to emails at night as well as over the weekend. We are not saying that this is always a bad thing, but managers should remind employees that switching off from work is important and has benefits to their wellbeing.

We are all going through testing times at the moment but by implementing small changes to the way we communicate with and manage our employees we can make a huge difference. 

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