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We have hit £2bn in Social Value enabled!

Date: 13/12/2019

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We have hit the landmark figure of £2bn in Social Value enabled. We are really proud of this achievement as this figure has amassed after just three years! Check out the social value map below for the figures.



Our CEO, Simon Toplass:

“Delivering positive social impact for individuals, communities and businesses throughout the UK is one of our core business values at Pagabo, so we are really proud to have hit such a significant milestone.”



Along with this milestone, we have decided to further our ongoing commitment to delivering real social value by announcing a partnership with the market leading online tool, Loop. Loop uses robust government data and methodologies to help organisations understand their social, economic and environmental impact and evidence the value they create to communities, businesses and economies. This tool enables us to accurately calculate the value delivered from all of our projects procured through Pagabo.

We look forward to bringing our new frameworks for Major Works and Professional Services into action in the near future and we will look to work closely with Loop to deliver the maximum amount of social impact as possible.

We have used Loop to calculate our social value delivery for three years and we decided it was the next logical step to formalise our partnership and further embed their services into our ecosystem. This means that clients and contractors within the Pagabo ecosystem receive a preferential rate when using Loop which will make social value calculations more accessible to those who use our frameworks.



We are proud to have Social Value Pioneer status, as social value is always at the heart of what we do. As a result, we want to be directly involved in its delivery. The more we do this, the more we can share the benefits with our ecosystem.

Accredited by Social Value UK, SPC helps businesses show the real value of the work they are doing across their projects and demonstrate the tangible social value they deliver for local economies.


At Pagabo we hold social value at the core of what we do and look forward to strengthening the relationship we have with SPC over the coming years.


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