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Fast-tracking social housing delivery with EDAROTH through our Developer Led Framework

20 September 2021

It’s clear that construction is central to delivering a number of things, from a post-pandemic bounceback to reaching net carbon zero, with frameworks allowing the industry to work towards these goals quickly, efficiently and compliantly.

However, construction doesn’t only sit centrally to wider industry goals, but more specific ones too. This includes social housing provision and the protection of green belt land through unlocking brownfield development sites, which is something our Developer Led Framework is supporting with through one of our suppliers – EDAROTH.

There is a wealth of publicly available data on the unused brownfield sites across the UK that sit full of potential. This data reveals that there is sufficient land to build enough social housing to almost eliminate current waiting lists entirely. This data does vary from region to region, with the proposed number of new dwellings in the West Midlands, East of England, London, and the South East being greater than the corresponding social housing waiting lists.

Across the UK, there are almost 18,000 sites totalling more than 24,000 hectares available, showing the true potential brownfield land holds and why it is so important to get these sites back into use.

EDAROTH – a subsidiary of Atkins with the capability to combine end-to-end development expertise and design excellence with off-site manufacturing techniques – is founded on the belief that ‘Everybody Deserves A Roof Over Their Head’ and that everyone has the right to a safe, secure and truly affordable place they are proud to call home.

While being innovative, it’s important that we address the needs of end-users, meaning that we should examine where we can go above the minimum in our developments. EDAROTH’s homes comply with building and fire regulations and housing standards in England, Wales and Scotland. However, they also exceed nationally described space standards by more than 10 per cent and provide clear internal heights of 2.5m in all habitable spaces to improve the end-user experience of living in the homes.

Being able to deliver both houses and apartment blocks of up to seven storeys of various sizes, social homes can be developed flexibly to suit the requirements – and also designed to suit the local vernacular too, thanks to various roof and panel options.

Very often, brownfield sites that can be transformed into homes can be small and difficult to navigate or access. The off-site manufacture process tackles this and was seen in EDAROTH’s very first homes delivered in partnership with the London Borough of Lambeth.

This project transformed a constrained garage site owned by the authority into four modern and spacious family homes in close proximity to local amenities. These homes serve as a prime example of using innovative solutions to suit the needs – in this case finding a way to make the site work for the requirements, despite it previously being deemed unsuitable for housing.

Innovative solutions lie at the heart of unlocking potential and finding new ways of working. In EDAROTH’s case, modern methods of construction including off-site manufacture allow homes to be delivered 50 per cent quicker than traditional construction, while providing other benefits like up to 50 per cent reductions in central heating costs and capability to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Components like wet rooms, bathrooms and utility cupboards are placed in the homes pre-assembled to cut down on site constraints and delivery times even further, and all panels and modules fit on standard-width transport to aid the delivery and assembly.

EDAROTH offers an innovative, end-to-end housing solution that requires engineering expertise, fresh thinking and human understanding to create homes that will benefit not only their future residents, but the local communities at large.

We are proud to provide public sector bodies with compliant routes to the most innovative solutions on the market, that tackle the issues head on and make a positive, real-life impact for the end-users and their communities.


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