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Pagabo backs Red Kite Foundation, launched to provide opportunities for children facing challenging circumstances

09 July 2024

Red Kite Learning Trust has announced the launch of its Red Kite Foundation, with support from Pagabo as the trust’s commercial procurement partner.

Red Kite Foundation is a fundraising initiative as part of Red Kite Learning Trust, a multi academy trust of 14 schools across North and West Yorkshire, serving over 9750 pupils and their families.

Red Kite Foundation is designed to enhance the life experiences and opportunities of children in its care facing challenging circumstances. The Foundation aims to help overcome social and economic disadvantage in line with Red Kite Learning Trust’s charitable objects.

Governed by the Trustees of Red Kite Learning Trust, the Foundation will help schools turn creative ideas into programmes and activities to offer to individual pupils or groups of pupils. Schools will ensure that the funds are carefully directed to make the biggest difference and The Red Kite Foundation Panel will approve applications and oversee the work.

At Pagabo, we have regularly given back financially as a result of Red Kite Learning Trust’s role as a host organisation on several of our public and private sector frameworks.


Jason Stapley, Chief Procurement Officer at Pagabo, said: “We have built a strong relationship with Red Kite Learning Trust in recent years and the launch of the Red Kite Foundation is further proof that we share many similar values. Giving back is central to what we do at Pagabo and knowing that money we have provided is going to enhance the life experiences of disadvantaged young people is hugely important. We look forward to seeing what the foundation makes possible and we will continue to support its activities in the future.”


Steve Howell, former CFO of Red Kite Learning Trust, has taken on the position of Trust Commercial Director and, as part of his new role, will lead the development of Red Kite Foundation, working with Trust contractors and local businesses looking to fulfil their Social Value aspirations, and engaging our school communities to raise funds to support its work.

Steve comments, “As a Trust, we are committed to nurturing ambition and enriching the lives of all children within our schools. In line with this mission, our Red Kite Foundation aims to give children life-long memories by giving experiences that they would not usually be able to access. This could be a trip to an event; encouragement to develop a talent, or a programme or experience to enjoy.”

Steve continues, “We are currently in discussion with a number of businesses who are keen to support our Foundation. We would particularly like to thank our commercial procurement partner, Pagabo, whose initial funding has enabled us to launch our Foundation and immediately start to make a difference. Whether you are a parent, employee, governor, supplier or friend of Red Kite Learning Trust, we would love you to get involved and help us provide more and more opportunities for children who might not otherwise have the chance to participate.”

If you would like to support the Red Kite Foundation, you can find out more information and make a donation here. If you have an idea for how The Red Kite Foundation can help a Red Kite pupil, please make contact through the schools.

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