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Meet one of Pagabo’s newest team members, Elliott Talbot

16 June 2023

From his love for Nottingham Forest to the ins and outs of his new role, we sat down with the Framework Manager of our Refit & Refurbishment Framework, Elliott Talbot, to find out how his first few months with us have been so far.


Hi Elliott. To start off with, could you please tell us a bit about your job as Framework Manager?

I am the Framework Manager for Pagabo’s Refit & Refurbishment Solutions Framework. It is my role to manage the relationship between Pagabo and the appointed contractors to the framework and ensure compliance is achieved. I also work closely with our regional relationship managers to ensure the client is getting the best service possible.


What were your initial thoughts of Pagabo?

It is a forward thinking, innovative and fast paced environment to be in. There are lots of exciting things going on in the business that prior to joining I wasn’t aware of. It is a fantastic bunch of people that work here, with a wide range of skillsets and experience.


What did you do before joining the company? Any skills that you think will benefit you in your new role?

Prior to joining I was a Framework Manager but on the contractor side. I think this has majorly benefitted me in ensuring a smooth transition from one side to the other whilst also being able to see things from our suppliers’ point of view.


How about when you aren’t at work, what do you get up to?

In the space of the last 18 months, I have got married and had our first child so it’s safe to say most of my time is spent with the latter – which I love! However, I do occasionally get chance to see my football team, Nottingham Forest, play and if not watching, I attempt to play football myself with mixed results…


Fantastic! What part of your role have you enjoyed the most?

The challenge of managing 90+ contractors! I’ve really enjoyed getting out and meeting lots of new people. Gaining a better understanding of how our suppliers feel about us and how we can keep improving.


Finally, what’s the next step in your job that you wish to achieve?

Ensuring the contractors, new and old, we are working with understand the framework, Pagabo and the wider group to allow our customers to access the best possible service and get the best outcome for their projects.


Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Elliott. Keep up the good work!


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