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Framework bidding: The dos and don’ts

19 June 2024

We recently explored the nine-stage framework bid evaluation process we go through, which paints a clear picture of what we’re looking for within supplier submissions and how we come to a conclusion. This is essential reading for even the most experienced bidders, but there are some overarching dos and don’ts that we recommend too.

Make sure to remember the following ahead of our next new framework opportunity.


The dos

  • Thoroughly read documentation. There is a reason behind every question, so responses must directly answer them. One mistake within the pass/fail section of the selection questionnaire could be game over.
  • Read all the criteria. Treat it like a cheat sheet and submit evidence against the criteria requested, ticking it off as you go.
  • Where possible, get involved in our pre-market engagement activity. These are often webinars, but we ensure they are accessible for everyone to maintain fairness. By attending, interested suppliers will be the first to learn about the new framework’s details and will be better prepared to begin completing their submission once the bid period commences.
  • Understand the procurement system being used. We use In-tend throughout the procurement process, including to answer any queries, meaning confidence using the system is beneficial. Consider seeking training on the system being used if needed. Our top tip, make sure notifications are turned on so that no updates are missed – and keep your eyes peeled for updates on the single central digital procurement platform that will come forward under the Procurement Act 2023, which all e-procurement systems will feed into.
  • Ask questions and be proactive. All questions will be answered so there is no need to guess.


The don’ts

  • Don’t rush the submission. Consider the deadline from the outset and leave enough time to work with whoever you may need to receive information from.
  • Don’t go over the word counts stated – and don’t include links to content over the word counts.
  • Don’t make the evaluation process any more difficult for the markers. Returning exactly what’s asked for in the correct order and format will reduce the length of the evaluation period and means bidders receive the outcome sooner. There are no additional marks for creative flair, so remember that clarity of the content is all that matters.


Before the bidding process itself, don’t settle for any less than ethical procurement from the framework provider. From compliance, people and social value through to KPIs and terms, look at our ethical procurement checklist to ensure the organisation ticks all the boxes before proceeding.

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