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Creating extra school places with help from our Medium Works Framework

21 August 2023

The expansion of Sutterton Fourfields Primary School will ensure children can continue to attend their local school despite the growing demand for places.

Lindum Group has started work to expand the school from five full-sized and one small classroom to seven full-sized classrooms. This will increase the school’s capacity from 153 places to 210.

The work was procured through our Medium Works Framework with Lincolnshire County Council appointing Lindum Group via a Direct Award. This provided them with the speed and compliance they required for the works.

The £1.3 million extension will bolster the schools’ capacity with an increased intake of pupils increases, whilst also easing pressure on Swineshead Primary School, which had been taking on children from the Sutterton area.


Cllr Mrs Patricia Bradwell OBE, executive member for children’s services, said: “One of the council’s priorities is ensuring all children get a good education, and that means making sure there are enough schools places locally.

“Fourfields School serves a wide rural area, and it’s vital that families in those local communities have access to a school within a reasonable distance of where they live. This expansion will help meet the growing demand for places, and, in addition, will provide a better learning environment for all pupils, helping them make the most of their time at the school.”


The single storey extension will have PV solar panels on the roof, providing greener energy to the rest of the school. Lindum will work on two new classrooms, toilets, and a new plant room.

Work is about to begin on the foundations, with drainage works to alleviate any flood risks. As the drainage works run underneath the school’s playground, this will need to be completed and re-laid before the children return to school after the summer holidays.


Ron Adamson, Lindum Construction Manager, said: “We are very happy to have started work on the new extension for the school, providing a vital teaching space to ensure the children of the village all have a place nearby to go to school.

“The extension will not only benefit the children, but the village as a whole. With the extra space at Sutterton, the students will no longer need to take a bus over to Swineshead Primary, reducing the amount of pollution and noise in the village.”


Adam Brumfitt, Regional Relationship Manager at Pagabo, said: “We’re delighted to see this expansion project getting underway, with Lindum Group set to increase the school’s capacity to help with the growing demand for places. Lincolnshire County Council utilised our popular Medium Works Framework to procure the works and appointed their preferred contractor using a fully compliant Direct Award. We’re excited to see this project progress over the next year.”


The improvements at Sutterton Fourfield School are expected to be completed in spring 2024.


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