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EDGE produces 10-year life cycle programme for City of London

12 January 2024

After being appointed through our Professional Services Framework, construction consultancy EDGE was commissioned to undertake fabric and M&E condition surveys and 10-year lifecycle programme to Smithfield East and West, Spitalfields and Billingsgate Market sites.

Following the successful submission of the survey and programme, the City of London instructed EDGE to produce a high-level, desk-based 20-year maintenance delivery plan for each market site. This proposal incorporated an initial major capital works refurbishment project to be conducted at the outset of the project. As well as identified and assumed maintenance and refurbishment works, allowance was included for incorporating potential enhancements of the property, with the objective of drawing the existing market premises into closer alignment with the proposed specification for the proposed Dagenham Docks development.

Using existing condition survey data, EDGE conducted numerous workshops with surveyors to establish considerations associated with identified works such as risks and opportunities, requirements for further investigations, impact on operations and enhancement opportunities.

As part of the 20-year delivery plan, a full report including programme, risk register and cost plan was produced, with a full lifecycle model, including a cash flow forecast, produced for each market site.

Following completion of the initial phase of condition surveys and submission of output reporting, it was recognised by the City of London that further advice was required to assist in illustrating the practicalities of delivering identified works within the condition surveys. EDGE was subsequently commissioned to provide high level reporting to review potential delivery opportunities for identified works at each of the market sites over the short, medium and longer term. EDGE’s team achieved successful delivery by implementing a prioritised categorisation approach, with considerations including procurement, programme, costs, risks and opportunities as well as recommended further investigations considered for each works package. In addition to core building surveying and services engineering input, EDGE was able to draw on the knowledge and expertise of project management and commercial surveyors to help build the feasibility picture at each site.


Jonathan Oram, Director of Frameworks at Pagabo, said: “We’re so pleased to see our Professional Services Framework playing a part in what was an important scheme for the nation’s capital. The well-thought-out condition survey and life-cycle programme were pivotal for the successful delivery of three separate projects in London, all of which have added significant social value to the local area.

“It’s always a pleasure to work closely with such well-respected professionals like EDGE and we have no doubt they’ll continue to produce further great work throughout the UK.”


Matt Flint, Associate Director at EDGE, said: “We were appointed to the job via a further competition of suppliers on the Pagabo Professional Services Framework, and once underway were subsequently appointed on a repeat commission basis to produce a high-level, desk-based maintenance delivery plan to span 20 years for each site.”


Loop‘s social value software was used to report the impact and outcomes of the project. The total value of the survey was £114,631 and the project as a whole generated £51,743.89 in social value.


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