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Faithful+Gould supporting on new affordable homes scheme after appointment through our framework

19 June 2023

When Broxtowe Borough Council needed to build additional affordable homes in Beeston, Nottingham, they decided to make good use of land they already owned. Faithful+Gould were appointed via lot 1 of our Professional Services Framework, providing the council with a swift route to market and access to Faithful+Gould’s approved supply chain, without the need for multiple tenders.

Broxtowe Borough Council’s Housing Strategy 2020-2024 and 2019 Housing Delivery Plan prioritises the need to build additional affordable houses while also investing in safety and energy efficiency. The council’s 2019 Housing Delivery Plan identified underused land in their portfolio, including several sites containing garages.

As per the Housing Delivery Plan, proposals were formulated to redevelop six infill sites in total, including the purchase of a former pub site. This will create 28 energy-efficient homes: 23 houses (2-3 bedroom) and five flats (1-bedroom). Carbon emissions will be 30 per cent lower than 2013 Building Regulations requirements.

Faithful+Gould have a longstanding relationship with Broxtowe Borough Council and were confident that they can help them achieve great results within an appropriate budget, contributing to safe and pleasant communities for their residents. They were appointed as lead multi-disciplinary design consultants, providing project management, cost management, and health & safety services.


What did Faithful+Gould do?

Their team advised the council on density, ensuring the optimum mix of dwelling types, to meet local needs and create best value. As a council-funded affordable housing proposal, the scheme has naturally attracted community interest. Faithful+Gould’s team participated in public consultations and supported the council in making adjustments where necessary.

June 2022 Building Regulations update presented a challenge as the project was then at mid-design stage. Their building surveying team successfully navigated the changes, ensuring continued compliance, and advising on new requirements such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure and associated costs.

Energy efficiency is a priority and Faithful+Gould are harnessing the expertise of their in-house sustainability team, to ensure use of the most cost-effective design and features. Green space and biodiversity net gain are part of the regeneration aims with a community pocket park under consideration.

As the project progresses towards construction, their well-informed design and procurement strategy protects the councils’ interests and sets the scene for 28 excellent new homes.


Jonathan Oram, Head of Services at Pagabo, said: “We’re delighted that our Professional Services Frameworks was utilised by Broxtowe Borough Council to appoint Faithful+Gould in a fully compliant manner. By procuring through lot 1 of our specialist consultancy framework, Faithful+Gould were able to deliver multi-disciplinary services, including, project management, design, cost and health & safety services, all through a single appointment process. We can’t wait to see the finished site.”


Peter Goodrick, Interim Housing Delivery Manager at Broxtoe Borough Council, said: “Faithful+Gould has provided the complete suite of development consultancy services for Broxtowe Borough Council. They helped the Council secure planning permission on the sites and successfully co-ordinated all of the consultancy work required to allow the Council to tender for the building works. We are happy to recommend Faithful+Gould to any clients looking for capable programme managers to deliver construction projects.”


Lucy Field, Managing Surveyor at Faithful+Gould, said: “We’ve got a great collaborative team working together via the Pagabo framework, to deliver these affordable housing regeneration schemes for Broxtowe Borough Council’s communities. We’ve helped the council explore best value energy efficiency solutions, and the new homes will be greener and cheaper to heat.”


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