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Faithful+Gould are helping to plan an energy-efficient police estate for South Wales Police

02 August 2023

Our Professional Services Framework enabled South Wales Police to swiftly access Faithful+Gould’s condition survey experience, without a time-consuming tender exercise. Despite Covid constraints, Faithful+Gould mobilised quickly, providing a team to survey 101 varied buildings.


Fit for purpose, sustainable police estates

Police services are under pressure to maintain a fit-for-purpose and sustainable estate. The need to make the best use of owned, leasehold and co-located buildings; support operational delivery; signify a reassuring public welcome; inspire public confidence; support a more diverse workforce; remain compliant; improve energy efficiency; accommodate today’s technology and equipment – it’s a long list and must be achieved while demonstrating value for money.

South Wales Police (SWP) serves 1.3 million people, across a varied region, including 63 of the 100 most deprived communities in Wales, in addition to its two largest cities. SWP also has one of the UK’s largest blue light sector estates, which, like many police authority estates, has developed over the last century in response to the policing demands of the time. The diverse range of properties may not always meet current or future operational requirements, so informed decisions on investment, maintenance and divestiture are critical.


Data-driven decision making throughout the estate

An accurate asset register, together with detailed condition data, is therefore a priority for SWP, to enable data-driven decision making on maintenance and on the wider strategic asset investment plan. Faithful+Gould’s team was appointed in 2021 to provide a data capture and analysis programme across the estate, to determine condition and capital/maintenance needs. The appointment reflected their strength in the collection, structuring, management, and analysis of asset data, as well as their earlier success on SWP’s 2016 condition survey programme.


Lessons learned informed the methodology

Faithful+Gould began by undertaking a lesson learned exercise, to explore the processes and outcomes of the 2016 condition surveys, and align the new programme with their client’s strategic objectives. The surveys would be conducted across 101 disparate buildings, including police stations, office buildings, welfare spaces, training facilities and storage facilities. The oldest building dated back to 1876, and some were co-located with other services.

Their team of building surveyors and building services engineers carried out detailed surveys, with the assistance of their supply chain’s drone technology company, capturing data on 28,574 individual items across the estate. Faithful+Gould’s bespoke data capture app streamlined the process, improving the accuracy, quality, consistency, and auditability of the data. In addition, we asset tagged M&E elements, which will allow SWP to efficiently identify and locate those items on the multiple sites in future.


Improving energy efficiency

The condition surveys presented an excellent opportunity to review the energy efficiency of building fabric and plant. SWP was keen to increase the 2016 level of detail in the sustainability data collected, and Faithful+Gould accordingly identified 648 energy saving opportunities across the estate, together with indicative costs for replacement. This leaves SWP well positioned to explore energy efficiency options and applicable energy efficiency funding routes.


Data-driven five-year maintenance plan

Following the programme, SWP has a detailed, data-driven understanding of its estate, together with maintenance plans for the next five years, clear expenditure guidelines and recommendations for energy-efficient replacement where appropriate. This sets the scene for a sustainable and fit-for-purpose estate.


Jonathan Oram, Head of Services at Pagabo, said: “We’re delighted that our Professional Services Framework was able to provide South Wales Police with a compliant route to appointing their preferred consultant. Faithful+Gould’s condition survey experience has given SWP full confidence in their plan to deliver this new police estate and we’re proud to be playing our part.”


Janet Thorne, Estates Property Manager at South Wales Police, said: “Within the agreed timescales, F+G provided an in depth and detailed view of the condition of our estate that ensured that the force was able to plan to ensure optimal use of investments.”


Sam Acres, Regional Director at Faithful+Gould, said: “Our appointment via Pagabo led to a swift start on this extensive condition survey programme, and we maintained the pace despite Covid-related constraints. South Wales Police now has excellent data with which to make informed decisions on its strategic estate planning and investment.”


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