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Oxfordshire County Council appoints Parker Contract Cleaning Ltd through our Soft Facilities Management Dynamic Purchasing System

24 June 2024

Oxfordshire County Council wanted to source a contractor to provide cleaning services across various sites, including both contracted and in-house facilities. The challenge lay in finding a solution that ensured fairness, competitiveness, and compliance.

The contracts estimated value stands at up to £4.5 million, including an optional extension and variation clauses, underscoring its significance within the procurement landscape.


Why Oxfordshire County Council chose Pagabo

Their decision to utilise our Soft Facilities Management Dynamic Purchasing System (FM DPS) stemmed from its ability to provide a fair, competitive, and compliant route to market. Unlike fixed frameworks, the DPS allowed for the inclusion of the providers, offering a level playing field for all potential contractors.

By leveraging the our Soft FM DPS, the procurement process for cleaning services was initiated, completed, and awarded at pace. The collaborative efforts between the client, contractors, and Pagabo facilitated a seamless and efficient procurement journey, ultimately enhancing the provision of cleaning services across various sites.



Leon Pontin, DPS Manager at Pagabo, said: “This project highlights the ease of usage and getting to award stage compliantly. Oxfordshire County Council are frequent users of our Small Works DPS and required a compliant route to market for their cleaning services, this fitted perfectly into the Soft FM DPS. Parker Contract Cleaning Ltd are a great example of a new supplier on the Soft FM platform being able to provide the services that required were our clients, we look forward to working with them in the future.”


James Morbey, Assistant Procurement and Contract Management Officer at Oxfordshire County Council, said: “I praise the Pagabo team for their assistance throughout the procurement process including the support received in compliance checks, tender publishing on the portal, and tender clarification. The assistance provided reassurance and I recommend Pagabo for buyers lacking their own E-Tender Portal.”


Anna Smith, Business Development Manager for Parker Contract Cleaning Ltd, said: “Parker Contract Cleaning Ltd successfully secured the cleaning services tender for Oxfordshire County Council through Pagabo’s Soft FM DPS, demonstrating the platform’s effectiveness in facilitating a fair and efficient procurement process. The partnership between Parker Contract Cleaning Ltd and Oxfordshire County Council has set a strong foundation for ongoing collaboration and success in.”

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