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Furniture project procured for Nottingham University

24 April 2023

Complete Business Solutions (CBS) have completed a furniture project at Nottingham University to design and deliver multi-use dining areas over 3 campuses’ to cater for student dining, collaboration/study areas, conferences and University promotion events.

CBS were selected by Direct Award through the first version of our Furniture Solutions Framework. We supported Nottingham University with a quick and compliant route to market and ensured that they could meet various project KPIs to remain on both time and budget.


What does our client say?

Robert Crossley, Operations Manager at Nottingham University, said: “The procurement process through Pagabo’s Furniture Solutions Framework was quick, simple and compliant. With tight budget and time constraints, we were able to appoint CBS through a Direct Award which resulted in a smooth process of supplying furniture for our dining and study areas which met our requirements to every last detail. We are delighted with the project outcomes and couldn’t recommend the framework enough.”


Furniture solutions made simple with Pagabo

Nottingham University’s brief was to create an informal yet professional landscape of furniture of different designs and styles to add colour, aesthetic appeal and suit different layouts for events. All of which had to blend in with the existing use of repurposed furniture at the university.

CBS supplied multiple ranges of different furniture designs, styles and type to achieve flexible layouts, providing opportunity to suit and address a wide range of university events. They were able to offer up numerous leading furniture brands from multiple manufacturers, allowing flexibility in product style and choice.


Sam Schofield, Assistant Framework Manager at Pagabo, said: “We are delighted that we could meet Nottingham Universities requirements to every last detail by finding them the right supplier through a quick and compliant direct award process. It’s great to see that the project was delivered within their budget and on time and we’re proud to have provided simple and effective procurement.

“We really look forward to building off the success of the first version of the Furniture Solutions Framework, with the new framework in place for April 2023. The framework will run for three years and will be available for all public sector organisations to benefit from.”


Terry Wilson, Workspace and Interiors Specialist at Complete Business Solutions, said: “We are pleased to be able to supply multiple ranges of furniture from leading brands to be able to meet Nottingham University’s requirements. The project was carried out to a very high standard to ensure the staff and students have furniture that can be used for years to come.”


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